Crowd Intelligence

Insights beyond people counting for cross sector application
Easy install video analytics that integrates with your existing CCTV for
real-time crowd intelligence


Crowd / traffic analytics & capacity monitoring

Gain a deep understanding of your peak times and uncover traffic trends with crowd analytics and metrics to help inform your sponsorship capabilities. Align and adjust staffing & traffic flows backed by data-driven intelligence.

Queue management for operation efficiency

Keep track of occupancy trends and wait times to reduce queue mass. Monitor entrants & exists by zones or virtual boundaries with the ability to adjust staffing & operations accordingly.

Optimize bar / restaurant & merchandise operations with traffic and occupancy data.

Reporting with actionable intelligence

Share real-time crowd capacity reports with internal stakeholders, external sponsorship organisations or law enforcement agencies. Run 'end of day report' to show your busiest and slowest areas during the day / event.

How it works

Using your existing CCTV infrastructure which often is set up to monitor your retail outlet, merchandise store, bars, restaurants, bathrooms, entrances and exit areas. Our technology interprets crowd conditions in real-time, so you gain an immediate overview on the dwell and wait times, crowd densities and occupancy changes.

Your data / Your reports / Your Dashboard

Access and create your dashboard to show traffic data in real-time with trend analysis. Set up event alerts and share reports internally or with key sponsors or external agencies. Review analytical data designed for data-driven decision making.

At scale & speed with award winning accuracy

Helps everyone in your organisation to
make better decisions with data-driven intelligence at their fingertips.

Optimising the customer experience

Improving the flow of visitors improves the customer experience by creating a more pleasant & efficient environment.

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Crowd control / intelligence

Using the Smart Safety Platform for crowd control transforms your business processes with real-time event alerts, automated workflows, optimising the customer journey and within increased safety. Supporting your operations, your sponsors and visitors

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Pedestrian detection & people counting

Transforming video content into actionable and trusted intelligence, allowing you to build the safest and most productive environments in the world.


Easy install people counting

Discover how the latest technology is being used to drive accuracy at scale for people counting as part of crowd monitoring


"Providing a safe and enjoyable festival for everyone visiting the Hogmanay celebrations is crucial.  We must scale and react with the changing demands of festivals, and the use of real-time, data-driven solutions such as Remark’s Smart Safety Platform is a valuable asset in crowd safety"

Read the press release: 'Remark provides AI-powered video analytics to the city of Edinburgh during the Hogmanay Festivities

Callum Howie​
"We are delighted with the performance of Remark's AI-powered Smart Safety Platform, having seen its benefits during two recent well attended free concerts by the Stone Temple Pilots and Flo Rida" says Mark Reddon, Director of Security for the Fremont Street Experience.

Remark delivered as promised, giving us the analytical insights into crowd count and traffic patterns, allowing us to properly manage our security presence and ensure the safety of the high turnout audience. Having seen its efficacy, we are looking to further deploy Remark's SSP among our other cameras, while supplementing security coverage for live events with Remark's Smart Sentry Units. As we continue with the future 3rd street expansion of the Fremont Street Experience, we are excited about growing our long-term partnership with Remark and look forward to utilizing its full suite of AI products".

Mark Reddon

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How it works
Easy install, plug & play video analytics works with Remark AI Box

  • Each AI-Box supports multiple cameras
  • Works at scale with award winning accuracy
  • Helps everyone make better decisions from having access to data-driven intelligence.
  • Optimise the fan experience with improved flow of visitors to key areas.
  • View traffic data in real-time with trend analysis, along with historical data.
  • Set up real-time event alerts & stay notified.
  • Share reports internally or with sponsors and external agencies.
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