Face recognition

With award winning accuracy

A solution that integrates with your existing cameras, giving you an easy to use dashboard to manage watch lists & alerts.

Achieve accurate face recognition and identification from your existing video content


Face recognition

Face attribute search
Face ID/similarity search
Check-in / ID verification Watch-list alerts Mask wearing

ID verification

Confirm personnel identification in line with face picture, name, ID number, etc.
Check-in / ID verification

Access control

Set access control & permissions
Check-in and check out
Authorised and un-authorised access

Watch-list / auto-learn

Set a watch-list
Use the auto-learn feature to dynamically update biometric templates.

Face attribution

Recognise facial features, such as gender, age, hair colour, wearing glasses, smiling, etc.
Compare two face pictures to analyse their similarities rapidly.

Advanced video search

Search by: Camera / feature / time
Retrieve similar faces from the library
Meta-data search on facial attributes
Identify a person of interest in real-time

Widely used in a variety of business and life scenarios

Using the Remark Smart Box or server to connect to your existing CCTV infrastructure FOR

Access Control

Time and Attendance

Visitor Management

Play Video about Face recognition. View, check, notify

Remark’s AI-driven video analytics with facial recognition has been designed for: Airports, smart city projects and …

  • Public spaces
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotel check-ins & check-out
  • Room access
  • Public transport
  • Academic & education
  • Stadiums & arenas
  • Entertainment venues
  • Outdoor events
  • Ticket collection points

View, check and notify at scale and speed with award winning accuracy

Our award winning AI models are


Even in the most challenging environments our computer vision and AI models prove their accuracy


A proactive approach to reviewing and responding to unwanted behaviours at speed and scale


Video analytics for your business to solve operations, and security challenges at scale.


Supporting large-scale, on-premises or cloud, as well as edge and hybrid deployments.

Award Winning AI Models: Ranked Top for face recognition
Award winning AI models

Remark’s computer vision models are top ranked by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Achieving accurate face recognition results even with a mask on.

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Unlocking the power of video surveillance with AI and computer vision

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