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Unlocking the power of video surveillance with AI

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Video analytics use cases

Object detection, event alerts, traffic analysis, face recognition, vehicle detection etc.

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Introduction to Remark

Our award-winning AI doesn’t remove the human element: it brings you closer to it.

Unlocking the full potential of video analytics and revolutionizing the way organisations work.

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Face recognition 

In this video you will see Remark’s Face Recognition solution.

A solution that integrates with your existing cameras, giving you an easy to use dashboard to manage its features, watch lists and alerts.

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Crowd Detection (People counting) – Vegas 2


For buildings, stadiums, public transport organisations, arenas, entertainment venues and the wider audience requiring crowd intelligence.

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Object detection: In this instance we are seeing ‘fly-tipping’

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Rail road crossing safety: In this instance we are seeing ‘Intrusion detection’

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Traffic analysis: Real-time alerting of congestion

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Remark AI is part of Remark Holdings 

Remark AI detects, track, classify and alert on people in real-time or forensically to enable situational awareness for enhanced safety and security.

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ANPR: Vehicle detection with number plate recognition


For parking and access management, low emission zone monitoring, journey time measurement … etc.

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Crowd detection / density: People counting


Ensuring the health and safety of passengers at scale and speed

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Graffiti detection with event alert

Accelerate response times and dramatically improve post-event investigation by pinpointing people and objects of interest with speed and accuracy.

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Computer vision for retailers: 

In this instance we are viewing an out of stock algorithm at work

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Profile and face search for access control

For buildings, stadiums, public transport organisations, entertainment venues requiring time actionable intelligence

Sector specific AI-driven video analytics

PDF's for you to download

Construction organisations
Safer sites with AI-driven video analytics

Keeping the traffic flowing and passengers safe

Rail transport

Safeguarding revenues and keeping rail users safe

Fashion and retail
Intelligence that allows you to capitalize on shopping behaviours in real-time with increased customer engagement

Stadiums, arenas & entertainment venues

Boosting stadium security & operations with AI technology. Easy install, plug & play video analytics.

Remark Executive Summary
We turn video content into actionable intelligence at scale, with unrivalled accuracy.

PRODUCT: Safety Space Platform
Pedestrian, face, vehicle, event alerts, object detection, video search and more … 

Product: Face recognition
Face recognition designed for airports, smart city project, hotels, shopping centres, arenas, public transport ..

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