Customer insights from data-driven video analytics
Retail intelligence that allows you to capitalize on shopping behaviours in real-time with increased customer engagement


Video search for enhanced security

Rapidly analyse security data at scale & speed. Resolving previously difficult cases, such as shop lifting and theft

Understanding shopper behaviours at scale

Improve store performance with data-driven intelligence that increases customer engagement and sales

Shopper insights with data-driven intelligence

Monitor shopper flow, dwell time and conversion rates at scale and speed with video driven data intelligence

Store optimisation with visitor analytics

Using heat maps to uncover popular areas of your store and areas that are avoided. Redesign your store for a bigger impact based on data-driven intelligence

Queue / Event detection

Monitor the number of people to detect queue formation along with loitering / occupancy / flow counting

Real-time alerts

Smart shelf monitoring / Stock level management / Identify misplaced items / Access management / Shop lifting detection / Loitering/ Intrusion /Crowd detection / Object detection / Traffic management

Detect, monitor and respond in real-time at speed and scale with data-driven customer intelligence
Real-time video analytics

Proactively protects people, places and assets whilst improving security operations.

Enhanced security

With automated workflows, actionable intelligence / investigative evidence.

Actionable Insights

Our extensive monitoring and analysis tools give you fast and actionable insights.

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For data-driven insights

We transform video content into actionable intelligence so you don't have to. Using video analytics to observe shopper behaviour in real-time increases customer engagements and the likelihood of a purchase, with a store worth returning to.

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Smart Safety Platform:
Automating surveillance for a safer more secure environment

Detect, track & monitor shopper behaviours at scale and speed with actionable insights

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Unlocking the power of video surveillance with AI and computer vision

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