Smart Sentry

Deliver AI-driven video analytics for a safer world
Automating surveillance for a safer more secure environment

Detect, track, alert, and monitor everyday operations at scale and speed.

Smart Safety Platform makes smart places, spaces, towns and cities a reality.

Features include:

  • Heat map visualisation dashboards on people & vehicles
  • Video search (e.g. Profiling / investigations
  • Access control)
  • Pedestrian / Behaviour detection (e.g. Crowd, falling down etc.)
  • Object detection (e.g. Left bag)
  • Vehicle monitoring / recognition (e.g. ANPR)
  • Event detection (e.g. fire, smoke)

Smart Safety Platform

Connecting our AI Box to your existing surveillance cameras enables the detection and tracking functionality.

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Intelligent, portable, and quick to deploy.

Recognises and tracks object activity with warnings in specified locations, whilst on regular duty.

As an intelligent combination of computer vision and robotic technology, the smart sentry enables full surveillance analytics to cover a larger area.

It has a wide range of applications, including outdoor personnel activity monitoring, perimeter intrusion detection, emergency events, and so on. It can also be widely used in a variety of applications such as emergency law enforcement, anti-terrorism, construction sites, and large-scale site security, among others.


Smart Sentry’s speedy responses make it ideal for conducting in-depth investigations into unusual events anywhere, 24/7.

Optimising traffic flow, business operations and the safety of individuals at scale 

Video content analytics plays a critical role in improving operations when it comes to traffic control and investigation analysis. Remark AI allows you to track objects across cameras, monitor and manage vehicle and passenger flow, control restricted areas, and implement watchlists.

Analyse customer data, increase profitability and engagement 

It common to have in-store video surveillance for loss prevention and as a crime prevention tactic.

Remark AI allows retailers to leverage insights from existing video streams to uncover quantifiable data and trends to better understand consumer behavior and increase profits.

For unmatched and award winning accuracy
Real-time video analytics

Proactively protects people, places and assets whilst improving security operations.

Enhanced security

With automated workflows, actionable intelligence / investigative evidence.

Actionable Insights

Our extensive monitoring and analysis tools give you fast and actionable insights.

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For data driven safety insights

We transform video content into actionable intelligence for both private and government sector organisations; including local councils, airports, educational institutes, shopping centres, rail organisations, construction companies and healthcare establishments.

Track, monitor and respond in real-time


  • Heat map visualisation
  • People monitoring / counting / loitering 
  • Behaviour detection. E.g. Violence
  • Unattended bag / object detection
  • Public health
  • People appearance tracking / search
  • Vehicle detection
Our solutions support:


Facial recognition
Pedestrian monitoring
Object detection


Track with a range of cameras with different angles and locations Tracking even when the face is not visible
Integration with your existing infrastructure

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Object detection: Unattended bag detection

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Crossing safety: Railway tracks

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Traffic analysis: Congestion

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Face recognition

Detect, track, classify and alert on people in real-time or forensically to enable situational awareness for enhanced safety and security.

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ANPR: Vehicle number plate recognition For parking and access management, low emission zone monitoring, journey time measurement … etc.
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People detection: Crowd control

Ensuring the health and safety of passengers at scale and speed

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Real-time alerts

Accelerate response times and dramatically improve post-event investigation by pinpointing people and objects of interest with speed and accuracy.

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Retail: Out of stock

Analyse customer data, increase profitability and engagement 

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Access control

For buildings, stadiums, public transport organisations, entertainment venues requiring time actionable intelligence to proactively respond to challenges ranging from security threats to operational inefficiencies.

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Unlocking the power of video surveillance with computer vision

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