Video Intelligence for the Smart Stadium

Drive revenue, improve operations & enhance security with AI-driven video analytics​

Remark’s 'Smart Box' works with your current cameras to transform video footage into actionable insights without compromising privacy, empowering you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire customer journey, enhancing customer experience, optimizing operational efficiency, and bolstering stadium security.

Smart Stadium video analytics

Our industry-leading video analytics capabilities have earned the trust of our customers

Transforming stadium video footage into actionable insights which drives sales growth, reduces costs, and enhances experiences

Smart Stadium operations and security

Operational efficiency

Uncover patterns, drive strategic decision making, and optimize operational and business practices with data-driven insights.

Understanding the Traffic


Stadiums need to know how many customers are visiting to make informed decisions about staffing, inventory, and marketing.


Remark AI solution for stadiums and events accurately counts venue traffic and provides real-time insights into footfall.


Optimizing staffing levels based on customer demand information can lead to a 1% increase in store conversion.

Understand the trend of queue


Long queues and high wait times are the most common reasons customers abandon their purchases.


Trend analysis of the causes of long queues and real-time alerts when queue length reaches undesirable levels.


10% reduction in queue length can lead to a 1-2% increase in sales revenue.

Queue Management - video analytics
Occupancy Monitoring

Analytics Dashboard: Real-time insights

Real-time insights on footfall traffic, store visits, and buying patterns. Optimize venue plan strategies, enhance experiences, and drive growth.

Demographics of visitors

Summary of  visitor attributes

Demographics of visitors using video analytics
People monitoring - heat map

Facility Usage Statistics

Usage data can be used to send prompts to cleaning staff.

Direct traffic to low usage restrooms to reduce wait times.

Pre-event day operations


Identify pre-event hotspots

Traffic flow:

  • Direction of traffic after passing the turnstile
    What areas of the venue generate the most traffic flow?
  • Why are people moving from one area to another?
  • Draw insights on the rush to seats before the event starts.

During Event Monitoring

Stand Capacity

Overall capacity rate: How full is the venue?
Section capacity rate: Most and least popular sections?
Peak Occupancy time: Improve resource allocation

Trend analysis

  • Validation – Verify the actual utilization of seats during an event. Identify discrepancies between ticket sales and actual seat utilization.
  • Dynamic Seat Preference – Identify patterns of fans relocating to different sections or seats.
  • Combine with ticket sales – To add a more granular and real-time perspective on seat utilization.

Operations intermissions

Crowd density

Max and average capacity
Real time overcrowding alerts
Queue length – concourses, concessions and restrooms
What attracts fans to a particular area?

Traffic flow

Measure the movement of people in different areas

Post event operations

Crowd density

Exit Capacity
How long does it take to clear the stands?
How many people are in the venue after the event?

Exit flow rates

Bottleneck Identification: Identify areas or exits within the venue where congestion is likely to occur.

Meta search by pedestrian attribute

Find people of interest in minutes

Improve incident management

Produce evidence packets to share with law enforcement

Loitering detection

Identifying loitering behaviour

Identifying lying down behaviour

Improvement of visitor’s experience

Reduced public safety concerns

Unattended luggage

  • Automate lost and found process
  • Suspicious object detection
  • Remove unused cleaning equipment from fan areas

Real-time event alerts

  • Real-time road monitoring
  • 24/7 event alerts
  • Multiple virtual zones configured
  • Both inside & outside areas covered
  • Rule-based, real-time alerts.

Remark Smart City solutions can be applied across a wide range of scenarios

Customer Stories

Remark delivered as promised, giving us the analytical insights into crowd count and traffic patterns, allowing us to properly manage our security presence and ensure the safety of the high turnout audience.”


We offer flexible and mature deployment solutions to meet the large-scale usage needs of various scenarios

On-premise Deployment
Cloud Deployment Video analytics

Our award-winning video analytics capabilities

Drive revenue, improve operations and enhance security with AI-driven video analytics

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