Managing traffic flow, railroads and passenger safety

Track, monitor and respond to events in real-time

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To transform video content into actionable intelligence with real-time safety monitoring for:

  • Early warning detection of risks / threats poised
  • Real-time video analytics with event alerts
  • Enhanced security
  • Data driven insights
For traffic management


Real-time road monitoring at scale and speed

  • Monitor traffic status
  • Check vehicles for alerts, current status and record history.
  • Road maintenance monitoring
  • Monitor any abnormalities to the system automatically

Road event detection and alert system

  • Real-time road monitoring
  • Check vehicles for alerts, current status and record history
  • Road maintenance monitoring
  • Monitor any abnormalities 
  • Road event detection
  • Video search 
  • Car park vehicle management
  • 24/7 event alerts / analytics

Intelligent command system

  • Determines the fastest route for rescue teams to access the site
  • Rearranging traffic flows in the event of an accident or traffic jam
  • Proactively respond to new situations
  • Display up-to-date traffic conditions via information boards or SMS
  • Remote control for the tunnel, lighting, redirecting gate etc.

Operation analytics

  • Daily monitoring of traffic volume, speed, congestion, paths etc.
  • Traffic analytics and prediction insight reports
  • Policy guidance to improve traffic flow, smoothness and safety. E.g. Adjusting the traffic light schedule, path setups, zebra crossing position, parking policy, speed limits etc.
  • Traffic tolls budgeting, and maintenance cost

Video search & investigation across roads

  • Filter history records by vehicle attributes, e.g. model, color, plate number
  • Examine prior vehicle captures 
  • Vehicle path tracking and analytics
  • Toll evasion behaviour detection,
  • Investigative evidence

Car park vehicle management

  • Monitor parking spots and loitering via vehicle detection
  • Combine vehicle plate recognition with parking space access control and auto billing
For rail road safety


Smart ID and booking / Multichannel ID verification

  • Variety of verification options are available for a quick and smooth user journey including face recognition and QR code health verification.
  • Staff, drivers, and passengers all have different access controls Assign the watchlist tag to create alerts or reject questionable entries the next time they appear

Smart ID Ticket System with Personal Access Control

  • Book tickets via an app and use Smart ID for a fast and smooth check-in/out
  • Access control for priority areas like first-class or a VIP lounge
  • To combat fraud, a smart billing system is used at check-in and check-out

On-site additional service with smart ID

  • Ticket and service booking management: Choosing a preferred seat direction, quiet zone or class upgrade or VIP lounge access
  • Dinner carriage booking or food ordering using an app with auto-billing

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Managing traffic flow and keeping passengers safe

Safeguarding revenues and keeping rail workers and users safe

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