Making construction sites safer with video analytics
Gain real-time site visibility, safety and compliance with AI-driven video analytics for construction organisations
Real-time video analytics

Proactively protects people, places and assets whilst improving security operations.

Enhanced security

With automated workflows, actionable intelligence and investigative evidence

Actionable insights

Our extensive monitoring and analysis tools give you fast and actionable insights.

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Monitoring & analysis with fast, actionable insights

Improved safety
With real-time analytics and automated alerts, safety officers can act fast when an unsafe act is detected. Working to increase site / situational awareness whilst facilitating the ability to act fast.

Improved productivity
With camera feeds continuously being sent to the Smart Safety Platform or our AI algorithms, on site analytics can be constantly reviewed with actionable insights. Removing the need for company security personnel and directors to go on site as they can view progress through a dashboard.

Improved site visibility and security
Our video analytics or Smart Safety Platform works to enhance the safety and productivity by using existing cameras to receive real-time actionable insights for personnel to make better informed decisions.

Ensuring compliance with video analytics


  • Face recognition
  • Violence and running detection
  • Unattended / left bag monitoring
  • Fall down detection
  • Public health / Temperature check
  • People counting / crowd detection
  • Loitering
  • Face and pedestrian tracking
  • Vehicle monitoring / detection
  • Access control / Intruder detection
  • License plate recognition
  • On-site surveillance
  • Failover
  • Hard hat / PPE detection
Our solutions support:


Facial recognition
Pedestrian monitoring
Object detection


Detect, monitor and track across a range of cameras at different angles and location, with your existing infrastructure.​

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Unlocking the power of video surveillance with AI and computer vision

Making sites safer with AI-driven video analytics

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