AI-driven video
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For enhanced safety, security & identity
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AI-driven video analytics that seamlessly integrates with your existing surveillance security infrastructure
Real-time video analytics

Allows you to proactively respond to events, increasing safety and business operations

Enhanced security

Use our AI-driven analytics for automated workflows that enhances workplace safety

Actionable insights

Gain actionable information, reports and insights to improve operations

Organisations choose Remark for:

Award winning speed, accuracy and scalability that drives operational efficiency

Features include

Site monitoring with real-time alerts

  • Crowd intelligence with People counting 
  • Occupancy monitoring
  • License plate recognition / ANPR
  • Protective equipment compliance (PPE)
  • Intrusion detection
  • Body temperature checking
  • Unauthorized access alerts
  • Unattended object detection
  • Identity recognition
  • Vehicle detection

Behavioral monitoring with real-time alerts

  • Loitering
  • Disorderly conduct (fighting, running etc.)
  • Slips / trips and falls
  • Unattended object detection

Forensic investigation

  • Metadata search for a vehicle with vehicle attribute and license plate number
  • Metadata search for the target person using the pedestrian attribute
  • Similarity search (face, pedestrian)
Sectors we serve

Automating surveillance at scale for a safer more secure environment

Enhancing security and streamlining operations with automated workflows based on data-driven intelligence.


Changing public safety with AI-driven video analytics

Remark AI’s video analytics with real-time alerting enables teams to proactively respond to events and incidents with data driven safety.

Transforming video content into actionable, tailored and trusted intelligence enables organisations to build the safest and most productive environments in the world.

Enhancing hospital healthcare security, operational efficiency and workflows for better employee and visitor experiences.


Analyse customer data, increase profitability and engagement 

It common to have in-store video surveillance for loss prevention and as a crime prevention tactic.

Remark AI allows retailers to leverage insights from existing video streams to uncover quantifiable data and trends to better understand consumer behavior and increase profits.

Optimising traffic flow, business operations and the safety of individuals at scale 

Video content analytics plays a critical role in improving operations when it comes to traffic control and investigation analysis. Remark AI allows you to track objects across cameras, monitor and manage vehicle and passenger flow, control restricted areas, and implement watchlists.


There are millions of miles of rail track in the world, the US has over 100,000 miles and the UK over 11,000 miles.

These extensive infrastructures present safety & security challenges for operators from rail damage, people crossing and service unavailability aswell as a risk to the safety of employees and passengers.


Workplace safety, access control and PPE detection in real-time

Adding intelligence to your video streams with real-time monitoring and analysis for operational efficiency.

Remark AI’s workplace safety solution supports PPE detection, based on image and video processing in real-time. Replacing what was traditionally a manual task with automated workflows. 


“Providing a safe and enjoyable festival for everyone visiting the Hogmanay celebrations is crucial.  We must scale and react with the changing demands of festivals, and the use of real-time, data-driven solutions such as Remark’s Smart Safety Platform is a valuable asset in crowd safety”

Read the press release: ‘Remark provides AI-powered video analytics to help the city of Edinburgh manage the New Year’s Eve crowd traffic during the Hogmanay Festivities

Callum Howie


“We are delighted with the performance of Remark’s AI-powered Smart Safety Platform, having seen its benefits during two recent well attended free concerts by the Stone Temple Pilots and Flo Rida” says Mark Reddon, Director of Security for the Fremont Street Experience.  

“Remark delivered as promised, giving us the analytical insights into crowd count and traffic patterns, allowing us to properly manage our security presence and ensure the safety of the high turnout audience. Having seen its efficacy, we are looking to further deploy Remark’s SSP among our other cameras, while supplementing security coverage for live events with Remark’s Smart Sentry Units. As we continue with the future 3rd street expansion of the Fremont Street Experience, we are excited about growing our long-term partnership with Remark and look forward to utilizing its full suite of AI products.”

Mark Reddon

Director of Security, Fremont Street

“We are glad to partner with Remark Holdings, whose AI-powered analytics platform is a valued-added offering for our customers in the casinos, music festivals, education systems and police departments,” says Dan Viotto, Channel Business Manager for the West Coast Region. “Remark’s robust solutions such as intrusion detection, behavioral analysis, real-time notifications of fights and misbehavior, along with its intelligent investigation capabilities provide a solution for some of the most requested features by our customers.”

Dan Viotto

Being able to accurately count people, and identify crowds increases venue safety, ensures visitor flow, and makes queue and space management extremely efficient. Solutions must work 24/7 and in all weather. The taxpayer’s money spent on these types of solutions can then be justified accurately with data analysis”.  

Read this blog in full: ‘The Power of Good Data

Shing Tao

CEO, Remark

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