Smart Safety Platform

Detect & monitor everyday operations at scale & speed
Automating surveillance for a safer more secure environment


Video search

Face attribute search
Face ID/similarity search
Pedestrian attribute search
Vehicle search

Face recognition

Check-in / ID verification
Unauthorized access
Watch-list alerts
Mask wearing / Temperature

People appearance

Intrusion detection / loitering / occupancy / people flow / people counting / queue management / PPE
Abnormal behavior: Running & falling


Traffic flow counting
Illegal parking
Intrusion Brand / model / make identification

Event detection

Unattended object / left luggage
Safety control
24/7 notifications
Fire & smoke

User friendly frame

Map view / Dashboard / Notifications
Rule-based email, SMS alerts
Light & dark mode display
Heatmap / Video surveillance

Detect, monitor and respond in real-time
Real-time video analytics

Proactively protects people, places and assets whilst improving security operations.

Enhanced security

With automated workflows, actionable intelligence / investigative evidence.

Actionable Insights

Our extensive monitoring and analysis tools give you fast and actionable insights.

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For data driven insights

We transform video content into actionable intelligence for both private and government sector organisations; including local councils, airports, educational institutes, shopping centres, rail organisations, construction companies and healthcare establishments.

Detect, track, alert, and monitor everyday operations at scale and speed with actionable insights

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Unlocking the power of video surveillance with AI and computer vision

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