Smart Safety Platform (SSP)

AI-driven video analytics with real-time event alerts

A user-friendly video analytic system designed specifically for your business

Smart Safety Platform

Using SSP, achieve visual, insightful, and actionable oversight of your surroundings, enhancing safety and increasing operational efficiency

See real-time camera feeds and live statistics on people and vehicle counts from any device and location

Live Feed & Live Map

Monitor all your sites in real-time from any device using a single dashboard, ensuring you're always up-to-date on current events

People Counting

Visually display real-time pedestrian traffic counts in different areas.

Vehicle Counting

Visually represent traffic data analyzed by cameras in different areas on the map

Leverage AI-powered analytics to implement automated workflows that elevate workplace safety

Identity Verification Alert & Search​

Remark AI's Identity Verification delivers robust, real-time accuracy even in challenging CCTV environments. It enhances public safety by identifying individuals on watchlists and alerting authorities when they appear on camera. Access control rules optimize security, and identity search by similarity, attribute, and name aids in investigations. The system also offers event-specific filters and a comprehensive record history tracklet for streamlined tracking and management.

Person Alert and Search

Our Intrusion/Loitering/Leaving Area feature empowers customizable event triggers to uphold safety and security compliance. Intrusion detects unauthorized entry, loitering spots suspicious activity, and it ensures the safety of children by tracking those leaving designated areas. Additionally, Person Re-Identification aids in searches based on attributes or PPE descriptions. Our system also maintains a comprehensive record history tracklet across locations for efficient tracking and management.

Vehicle Alert & Search

Our Intrusion/Loitering/Exit Area feature ensures compliance with public transport and safety regulations for both people and vehicles. Intrusion flags violations like crossing solid lines or wrong-way driving. Loitering detects prolonged stays in restricted areas, and Exit Area tracks construction vehicles leaving. Our Vehicle Search feature allows accurate plate recognition and fuzzy description searches. You can search based on plate numbers, vehicle types, and colors. Records are neatly organized as a historical tracklet for efficient tracking and management.

Unattended Object Alert & Search

Abnormal Object Detection enhances security by alerting to unattended items while excluding known objects. It safeguards public places by preventing security threats, such as unattended baggage in stations or illegal dumping. Handler Search identifies responsible individuals or vehicles and tracks them. Our flexible rule engine empowers security personnel to define custom rules, addressing unique operational needs, like tracking luggage or maintaining spatial and temporal attendance.

Safety Event Monitoring

Remark AI's Abnormal Behavior Recognition, including falling and running, weapon detection, delivers real-time alerts for immediate assistance, enhancing safety and saving lives. Our Smoke & Fire Alert system monitors smoke and flames concentration, preventing accidents with triggered alerts. Surveillance video assists in verifying incidents and evaluating their severity, enabling remote response and mobilization of resources when needed. Additional thermal cameras ensure precise detection of abnormal smoke and fire signals. Identify indoor or outdoor gun-carrying behavior in real-time through AI algorithms and issue immediate alerts.

Operation Monitoring

People Flow & Crowd Alert: Detect and count people flow and speed, providing detailed reports by time and location. This aids in maintaining order, optimizing crowd management, and responding to abnormal crowd clusters, potentially indicating accidents.

Vehicle Flow Counting: Track traffic flow and speed by time and location to identify congestion and accidents. This supports traffic operations, including traffic light scheduling, road design, and bus stop management.

PPE/On-Duty Check-In: Detect and track staff wearing specific uniforms to verify duty attendance and scheduled activities, enhancing operational efficiency and security.

Enable a proactive response to address incidents, enhancing safety and optimizing business operations.

Customize AI settings for different areas

Our robust video analysis algorithms support the simultaneous activation of different AI algorithms for a specific area, each with customized triggering conditions tailored to the scene, thereby maximizing the fulfillment of security and operational monitoring needs for different areas.

User-customized alert notification criteria

Users can flexibly set alert notification criteria based on multiple dimensions such as location, region, and time, ensuring they receive important event reminders without being overwhelmed by excessive notifications.

Share alert information with others

Users can create a shared page containing alert information and images, which can be shared with relevant individuals to facilitate efficient collaboration for the next steps of intervention.

Traditional Video Analytics vs AI video Analytics

Analyzing your video feeds in real time faciliates the automatically detection, classification, and response to specific events.

Traditional Analytics

  • Limited flexibility: Less adaptable to new scenarios or changes in the environment.
  • Static analysis: Often requires manual alterations and creates higher false positives.
  • Basic capabilities:  Basic object counting with a reliance on manual interpretation.
  • Manual intervention: Higher dependency on human intervention for interpretation and decision-making.

AI Video Analytics

  • AI-driven:  Allows the video analytic models to learn and adapt over time.
  • Real-time analysis: Continuously improves accuracy with lower false positives.
  • Advanced features: With facial recognition, behavior analysis, object detection and people counting at scale.
  • Data-driven decision-making: With automated insights and real-time alerts.

Our award-winning video analytics capabilities

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