Smart Stadiums & Events

Crowd intelligence for stadiums & events
Boosting stadium security, revenues & the visitor experience with AI-driven video analytics


Video search for enhanced security

Rapidly analyse security data at scale & speed. Resolving previously difficult cases, such as shop lifting and theft

Understanding visitor / guest behaviours

Improve store performance with data-driven intelligence that increases customer engagement and sales

Situational awareness / public health

Monitor visitor flow, dwell time and conversion rates at scale and speed with video driven data intelligence

Heat maps to uncover better manage visitor flow

Using heat maps to uncover popular areas and areas that require crowd monitoring

Queue / Event detection

Monitor the number of people to detect queue formation along with loitering / occupancy / flow counting

Real-time alerts

Access management / left object detection / Loitering/ Intrusion /Crown detection / Traffic management

Smart Stadiums and Events

AI-driven video analytics that integrates with your existing CCTV to unlock hidden revenue opportunities, drive operations, and increase security for Smart Stadiums, Events, Convention Centres and areas where large crowds are expected

Real-time video analytics

Proactively protects people, places and assets whilst improving security operations.

Enhanced security

With automated workflows, actionable intelligence / investigative evidence.

Actionable Insights

Our extensive monitoring and analysis tools give you fast and actionable insights.

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Crowd intelligence that works at scale with award winning accuracy

We extract video content from existing CCTV to deliver data-driven intelligence, enabling event organizers to see patterns and track trends over time, better plan and manage traffic flow, and offer insight into optimal concession areas, and security teams visibility on overcrowding and access points.

“We are delighted with the performance of Remark’s AI-powered Smart Safety Platform, having seen its benefits during two recent well attended free concerts by the Stone Temple Pilots and Flo Rida” says Mark Reddon, Director of Security for the Fremont Street Experience.  

“Remark delivered as promised, giving us the analytical insights into crowd count and traffic patterns, allowing us to properly manage our security presence and ensure the safety of the high turnout audience. Having seen its efficacy, we are looking to further deploy Remark’s SSP among our other cameras, while supplementing security coverage for live events with Remark’s Smart Sentry Units. As we continue with the future 3rd street expansion of the Fremont Street Experience, we are excited about growing our long-term partnership with Remark and look forward to utilizing its full suite of AI products.”

Mark Reddon

Director of Security, Fremont Street

“Providing a safe and enjoyable festival for everyone visiting the Hogmanay celebrations is crucial.  We must scale and react with the changing demands of festivals, and the use of real-time, data-driven solutions such as Remark’s Smart Safety Platform is a valuable asset in crowd safety”

Read the press release: ‘Remark provides AI-powered video analytics to help the city of Edinburgh manage the New Year’s Eve crowd traffic during the Hogmanay Festivities

Callum Howie


Understanding footfall and traffic flows enables operations, security, and event organizers to deliver a safer environment, uncover revenue opportunities and deliver a positive visitor experience.

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Unlocking the power of video surveillance with AI and computer vision

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