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Enhancing security with award winning accuracy

Our mission: Innovate the existing safety, security and operations using our award-winning AI computer vision analytics, making an eco-friendly living world and enabling a sustainable future


Our award winning AI models and video analysis increases the safety of any environment, and the operational efficiency of both private and public sector organisations. Our video analytics works with existing video or CCTV systems to keep workers, spaces and valuable assets safe along with buildings secure.

Managing video surveillance operations has historically been a labor-intensive process, requiring manual intervention to record ‘events’.

Integrating the Remark AI models into an existing video infrastructure enhances the safety, security and identification of people, assets and buildings with increased accuracy and speed without additional financial costs.


We apply artificial intelligence and machine learning onto existing IP CCTV systems to transform video content into actionable insights for rapid review with real-time alerting. The depth of our video analytics maximizes the ROI of an organization’s video surveillance system with operational savings, enabling customers to:

  • Identify people and objects at scale
  • Take action with real-time alerts (e.g. a critical event)
  • Rapidly analyze video content that can influence and optimize operations


Established in 2016, Remark AI is a team of scientists, engineers and designers specializing in artificial intelligence video analytics that revolutionize the way clients utilise their surveillance systems.

We continue to win industry-leading awards for the speed and accuracy of our video analytics solutions that detect, analyze, and eliminate security risks.

Shing Tao
Chairman and CEO, Remark Holdings

“The talent and energy within Remark drives the business and our desire to adopt and deliver leading edge technology for a safer and better world; it is our mission to focus on continuous innovation within the safety tech space”.

Our award-winning video analytics capabilities

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