How many people can you count? 1177 and counting ...
too many right

In this video, we can see how hard it is to count the number of people within what is a highly populated entertainment zone manually. However, using AI-driven video analytics we can accurately ‘count people’ at scale & speed for increased venue safety.

Using AI-driven video analytics adds value for planning, operating, and ensuring security at entertainment venues

What do we mean by ‘people counting?’

People counting is also known as footfall, door, visitor, or customer counting. Historically, a ‘people counting solution’ required manual intervention at thresholds, like entrances or exits to a building, room, or area where one would physically count and measure the number of people passing within a designated zone. 

How it works

Integrating the Smart Safety Platform into an organisations existing surveillance infrastructure users can create virtual boundaries around the areas they wish to analyse, allowing security and operation teams to:

  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Uncover trends based on behavior insights
  • Improve resource planning on all spaces
  • Monitor results at scale and speed
  • Manage queues with operational efficiency
  • Count people for occupancy management
  • Increase overall venue safety

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