Case Study: Real-time people counting at the Rolling Stones Concert, Allegiant Stadium.

The Background

The Rolling Stones concert in Las Vegas was a major event that attracted thousands of fans. The concert was hosted at the Allegiant Stadium and required a crowd management solution, specifically on the Hacienda Pedestrian Bridge. This bridge is usually busy with vehicle traffic, and was closed to cars for the event, converting it into a pedestrian-only pathway between Mandalay Bay and Allegiant Stadium.

The Challenge

Managing the flow of pedestrians over the Hacienda Bridge posed a challenge of which video analytics proves to solve with little effort. Ensuring safety, preventing overcrowding, and maintaining efficient movement were critical. Real-time data on pedestrian numbers was necessary to monitor and control the crowd effectively.

The Solution

Remarks Smart Safety Platform was deployed,  delivering AI-driven video analytics for real-time people counting and traffic analysis. It enabled event organizers to make informed decisions to enhance safety and optimize pedestrian flow for this event and inform future planning proposals.

Installation of Smart Safety Platform: 

The existing cameras on the Hacienda Bridge were connected to the Remarks Smart Safety Platform, which utilized AI algorithms to analyze video feeds in real-time.

Real-Time People Counting: 

Remark’s Smart Safety Platform continuously monitors the number of pedestrians on the bridge, providing real-time data on crowd density, dwell times, movement patterns, flow rates and potential bottlenecks.

Traffic Analysis and Optimisation: 

Based on the AI-driven analysis, the Smart Safety Platform confirmed that closing the bridge to vehicular traffic just before and during the concert hours significantly improves pedestrian flow. The data validated the decision to convert the bridge into a pedestrian walkway, highlighting reduced congestion and increased safety

The results

Enhanced Safety: 

The real-time people counting feature helps prevent overcrowding, whilst ensuring a safe environment for concert-goers.

Optimized Pedestrian Flow: 

The closure of the bridge to vehicles and its conversion into a pedestrian-only zone resulted in smooth and efficient movement of people between Mandalay Bay and Allegiant Stadium.

Informed Decision-Making: 

The Remarks Smart Safety Platform provided actionable insights that allowed event organizers to make data-driven decisions, enhancing the overall event management strategy.


Smart Safety Platform for in - out flow of people. People counting in a high density area
Detailed view within the Smart Safety Platform showing the In and Out flow of people the stadium
Smart Safety Platform Dashboard overview. Crowd Intelligence
Dashboard overview: Showing occupancy, flow rates and heat maps
Smart Safety Platform showing the flow of people using video analytics
Smart Safety Platform: Used to optimise the flow of people in a high-density area
Proactive optimisation of people flow using video analytics
Situation: The Hacienda Bridge, usually busy with cars is closed to create a walkway for pedestrians
Real-time people and crowd counting for the sell-out Rolling Stones concert
People Counting Use Case: Crowd Intelligence for a Rolling Stones Concert, Las Vegas, May 2024
People Counting using video analytics. Flow per minute for a stadium
Real-time people counting. Video analytics that seamlessly integrates with your existing CCTV

Smart Safety Platform.

Our Smart Safety Platform supports Martyn’s Law with AI-driven video analytics that automates your surveillance for a safer more secure environment.

Features include: Video search, search against appearance type, pedestrian monitoring, people counting and flow, vehicle detection and behavioural analysis along with real-time alerts and automated workflows.

Smart Safety Platform: People Counting : Anomoly Detection : Behaviour analytics : Crowd Intelligence
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