Remark is proud to deliver people counting for large city councils in the UK with unrivaled accuracy for 2023 New Year evening events

City Councils are obliged to spend and invest taxpayers’ money responsibly, which includes the spend on keeping citizens safe. City Councils have invested in Remark AI-driven video analytics to provide a cost-effective solution to detect, monitor, and provide actionable intelligence based on people counting, occupancy control, and crowd detection.

Using our video analytics City Officers gain a better understanding of the number of people attending the events it hosts throughout the year, one of which sells more than 2.2million tickets to what is its world-renowned festival. 

Detailed, reliable data on the number of people and crowds detected helps council planners, safety teams and event organizers manage resources and personnel more efficiently, and in some cases provide data for law enforcement.

Smart Safety Platform: People Counting : Anomoly Detection : Behaviour analytics : Crowd Intelligence
Shing at Remark comments, “being able to accurately count people, and identify crowds increases venue safety, ensures visitor flow, and makes queue and space management extremely efficient. Solutions must work 24/7 and in all weather. The taxpayer’s money spent on these types of solutions can then be justified accurately with data analysis”. 
Shing Tao
CEO, Remark

The use cases and benefits of AI-driven video analytics for people counting and crowd control are widespread, especially with the creation of 'smart cities', this includes:

  1. Crowd detection, measuring footfall and people counting for enhanced security
  2. Utilizing over or under-used space 
  3. Future Infrastructure decisions
  4. Compliance: E.g. COVID, pandemic or lockdown regulations
  5. Optimized cleaning and maintenance schedules, opening hours, and staff rosters
  6. The identification of unwanted behaviors and meta-data search; which could be used for law enforcement
  7. Optimize fleet management of vehicles and timetables
  8. Automated workflows and operational efficiency

Smart Safety Platform.

Our Smart Safety Platform supports Martyn’s Law with AI-driven video analytics that automates your surveillance for a safer more secure environment.

Features include: Video search, search against appearance type, pedestrian monitoring, people counting and flow, vehicle detection and behavioural analysis along with real-time alerts and automated workflows.

Smart Safety Platform: People Counting : Anomoly Detection : Behaviour analytics : Crowd Intelligence
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