Event Round-Up from The Security Event 2024

Another successful event for the Remark team at The Security Event 2024

As usual, The Security Event didn’t disappoint in giving us much to think about regarding trends and themes for the year ahead, along with a platform for further engagements with our partners who stopped by the Remark stand. Let’s delve a little deeper into the recurring conversations we had:

  1. Crowd management with a focus on people counting
  2. Smart stadiums and large scale events like football matches wanting to increase both safety and operational efficiency
  3. Fighting, weapon and fire and smoke detection within our Smart Safety Platform
  4. Advanced meta-search features for use with investigations
  5. Smart City applications

Conversations went beyond the traditional security theme

We observed that conversations swiftly transitioned from the broader security theme to specific discussions on crowd management, behaviour tracking and the use of video content for investigative evidence.

With many organizations already invested in their video surveillance infrastructure and looking to maximize these investments through video analytics, it’s evident that suppliers like us offer more than just the ‘basic’ analytics. We provide advanced features such as crowd control, weapons, fire and smoke detection and advanced meta-search for investigations; features that truly captured the attention of visitors to our stand.


As we look back on our experience at The Security Event 2024, where we showcased our latest innovations in creating safer, smarter spaces using AI-driven video analytics, we depart with a strong commitment to delivering solutions that address the many safety and operational challenges encountered across a variety of sectors.

The Security Event 2024

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