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Automating surveillance at scale for a safer more secure environment

Changing public safety with AI-driven video analytics

Remark AI’s video analytics with real-time alerting enables teams to proactively respond to events and incidents with data driven safety.

Transforming video content into actionable, tailored and trusted intelligence enables organisations to build the safest and most productive environments in the world.

Workplace safety, access control and PPE detection in real-time

Adding intelligence to your video streams with real-time monitoring and analysis for operational efficiency.

Remark AI’s workplace safety solution supports PPE detection, based on image and video processing in real-time. Replacing what was traditionally a manual task with automated workflows. 

Optimising traffic flow, business operations and the safety of individuals at scale 

Video content analytics plays a critical role in improving operations when it comes to traffic control and investigation analysis. Remark AI allows you to track objects across cameras, monitor and manage vehicle and passenger flow, control restricted areas, and implement watchlists.

Analyse customer data, increase profitability and engagement 

It common to have in-store video surveillance for loss prevention and as a crime prevention tactic.

Remark AI allows retailers to leverage insights from existing video streams to uncover quantifiable data and trends to better understand consumer behavior and increase profits.

Enhancing public security and streamlining operations with automated workflows 

From public spaces to shopping malls and entertainment venues, Remark AI delivers data driven security, operational efficiency, and evolving industry requirements.

Video analytics for a better health care.

Enhancing hospital healthcare security, operational efficiency and workflows for better employee and visitor experiences.  

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