How to - Video Analytics Integration Guide for Network Optix

Integrating Remark Smart Safety Platform into Network Optix for Advanced Video Analytics


Integrating video analytics into your Network Optix instance can transform how you monitor and manage security. The Remark Smart Safety Platform offers a robust solution to enhance your surveillance operations, providing you with advanced analytics capabilities. Whether you’re looking to monitor objects, traffic, or pedestrians, this integration will give you the tools you need to analyze data effectively and respond to incidents promptly.

For a comprehensive video tutorial, check out our guide here.

Step-by-Step Integration Video Guide

1. Access the Smart Safety Platform

To get started, log in to the Remark Smart Safety Platform. If you don’t have an account yet, make sure to book a demo to kick start the set up.

2. Add Your Network Optix or Third-Party VMS

Once logged in, navigate to the integration settings and add your Network Optix VMS. 

3. Select Your Cameras

Choose the cameras you want to integrate into the Smart Safety Platform. Ensure that these cameras are correctly configured and connected to your Network Optix Video Management System.

4. Add Your Devices to the Smart Safety Platform

Next, add all relevant devices to the Smart Safety Platform. This step involves ensuring that all hardware components are correctly linked and functional within the platform.

5. Add Your Areas of Interest

Define the specific areas of interest that you want to monitor. These can include entry points, perimeters, or any other critical zones within your surveillance area.

6. Monitor the Objects, Traffic, or Pedestrians

Once your areas of interest are set, the Smart Safety Platform will start monitoring objects, traffic, or pedestrians within these zones. The platform’s advanced analytics will help you track movements and detect any unusual activities.

7. Add Your Polygons to the Area

For more precise monitoring, you can add polygons to define specific regions within your areas of interest. This allows for targeted analytics and improved accuracy in detecting events.

8. Set Up Your Event Alerts

Configure event alerts based on the criteria that matter most to you. Whether it’s motion detection, object counting, or traffic analysis, setting up alerts will ensure you are notified of any significant incidents in real time.

9. Analyze Your Data and Identify Any Anomalies

Finally, use the Smart Safety Platform’s analytical tools to review your data and identify any anomalies. The platform provides detailed reports and visualizations to help you make informed decisions and enhance your security measures.


Integrating the Remark Smart Safety Platform with Network Optix unlocks advanced video analytics capabilities that can significantly improve the safety of individuals and organisations surveillance operations. 

This guide will assist you in the setting up,  but you will need to Book a Demo to kick off the process and to login to the Smart Safety Platform.

And for a detailed walkthrough, be sure to watch our video tutorial here. Happy integrating!

Smart Safety Platform.

Our Smart Safety Platform supports those with a duty of care or in a security or safety profession with AI-driven video analytics that automates surveillance for a safer more secure environment.

Features include: Video search, search against appearance type, pedestrian monitoring, people counting and flow, vehicle detection and behavioural analysis along with real-time alerts and automated workflows.

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