98% people counting accuracy using AI-driven video analytics

In this video we can see a highly populated area within an entertainment zone where security is a paramount focus along with people counting.

Using AI-driven video analytics powered by computer vision we can accurately count people for increased venue safety. People counting assists occupancy management and crowd control, giving insightful information for proactive operational planning whilst increasing the fan and visitor experience.

Counting at scale and speed

People counting is also known as footfall, door, visitor or customer counting. Often a solution or manual intervention is installed at thresholds, like entrances or exits to a building, room or area to count and measure the number of people that pass or are within a designated zone.

Using AI-driven video analytics we can create virtual boundaries to automatically count people at scale and speed whilst delivering actionable insight.  Being able to accurately count people increases venue safety, ensures visitor flow, making queue and space management extremely efficient. 

Smart Safety Platform: People Counting : Anomoly Detection : Behaviour analytics : Crowd Intelligence

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